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Does anyone have a link to a manual or instruction sheet for the Scotland Loft-Lie machine? The unit is simple to operate and provides a great advantage over other entry-level machines— measuring gauges for both loft and lie angles are provided on the unit, which means you don&39;t have to remove the club to see if the desired adjustment. Adjustable Bending Bar 4. Need a new fax machine! Click on the links below to view or download assembly and operating instructions for an assortment of GolfWorks tools and scotland loft and lie machine manual machines. I would like to play with hybrids though, and my machine doesnt have the rear support rod that was machined into some of the later models. The opera-tor must learn the correct way to manually position each clubhead.

As far as what this machine is for: we have 80+ guys in our golf association at our course. LOFT AND LIE BENDING MACHINE Carefully unpack and remove all contents of the machine. Everyone should get their existing clubs checked for loft, lie and grip condition at least once per year. 4 Corner Holes Bolt Holes. It is a simple exercise which takes 5 minutes in the net to do then scotland loft and lie machine manual 15 minutes on our own loft and lie machine.

:yes: Specifically, what do the holes for LW, SW, PW, etc. This is one of the premier loft and lie machines made. Accurately measures and bends angles on both right and left hand. By virge666 in forum Pro Shop Archive Replies: 20 Last Post: 23rd July, 07:39 PM. Items in the Worthopedia® are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for scotland our members’ research needs.

Mr3 does a better job of the modern fairway clubs I think. (Figure 3) STEP 2. Loft & Lie readings STEP 1.

I have an old Maltby/Golfworks L/L machine that I got off ebay for 5 delivered. Shipping continental U. Master your Clubmaking! Related: loft lie machine loft and lie machine golf club loft and lie machine loft and lie bending machine loft and lie bender golf loft lie machine. ViewGolfsmith Ultimate Loft/lie Bending MachineGolfsmith Ultimate Loft/lie Bending MachineGolfsmith Ultimate Loft/Lie Bending Machine This Ultimate Loft/Lie Bending Machine is 25% larger than the Professional Loft & Lie Machine, making it easier to work with, more powerful and more accurate. PUTTER LEVELING BLOCK- FIT BOARD- 2 MANUALS All Parts Working in Fine Condition.

Pro Shop Closing Sale* GOLFWORKS/RALPH MARTBY LIE AND LOFT MACHINE. M-310 Analog Gauge Click on photo for larger view! assume the angles are, i. Scotland Golf Loft and Lie adjustment machine with bending bar and instructions; does left or right handed irons - rate 8/10. Please see our other auctions for a number of other clubmaking items; we have several extras and duplicates, all of which will be listed here this week and next. All the information you need to properly assemble / operate your premium GolfWorks scotland loft and lie machine manual tool or machine. Hopefully the Loft/Lie machine is just the start of a good little workshop.

Does anyone have a link to a manual or instruction sheet for the Scotland Loft-Lie machine? ACCUmade Golf Shaft Ruler. Perimeter Weighting on 0311 Series Irons. Instruction Manual. Features: Smooth sliding Protractor Assembly measures right or left-handed clubs for loft and lie within 0. Golfsmith Loft/Lie Bending Machine : Tool Instruction Manual (4 MB) The economical way to bend irons for loft and lie angle adjustments for clubmakers who only perform the task a few times a year, or who are just getting started.

On irons, generally the score lines will be designed to be parallel to the ground line when the center of the sole touches the ground line. Local pickup only. Golf Club Bending Machine and Lie Loft Gauge - Scotland Scotland. The Green Machine is a manual measurement machine. (Figure 4) Important: These pressures scotland loft and lie machine manual must be held at the same time to obtain accurate loft & lie readings. PXG 0311, 0311T, and 0311XF Iron Sole Widths. Again, the lie of most putters can easily be changed, using a loft and lie machine. Have Added 2 In Depth Manuals.

e 60* for LW, 56* for SW, etc. New Listing Scotland Loft and Lie Machine in Very Good Condition w/ Bending Bar. Loft, lie and face angle can all be affected by the simple twist of a wrench on your new adjustable driver, and if you’re not taking advantage of this feature, you’re missing out. Features: 100% milled construction ensures quality and precision operation along with complete accuracy of gauge readings Loft and lie angel scale with full angle reading from 17 to 70 degrees Precision-machined and engraved lie and loft angle protractors with large and clear graduations for added convenience and accuracy Solid S45C precision. Buy Golfsmith Basic Loft and Lie Bending Machine is the economical way to bend irons for loft & lie angle adjustments at great UK prices from GamolaGolf. Accurate and dependable. The final two factors, loft and offset, are interrelated.

5° Unique Shaft Guide assures the shaft is in the proper position when recording loft and lie. Alters Lie and Loft on Irons. Machine Weighs 16 1/4 Lbs. Hold the scale against the club shaft to obtain the loft readings. Pull slightly forward while holding the scale against the club shaft to obtain the lie reading. Loft and Lie Machine in action at Andrew Ainsworth Golf Academy. Find the product you&39;re looking for under our categories: fitting, loft & lie, re-gripping, re-shafting, etc.

Used but in great condition. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Also, on the loft/lie gage, there is a strong &. Maltby Premium Golf Club Bending Machine. The addition of the hybrid attachment makes the already “industry standard” bending machine a must have for all Professional Clubmakers. The Loft/Lie Bending Machine is the economical way to bend irons for loft& lie angle adjustments. How To Adjust Loft & Lie - Golf Club Making Tips.

Lie Loft Machine. I bought one on C/L without instructions! The GolfMechanix Loft/Lie Bending Machine is not intended to be used to bend metal woods except for hybrids. Costs: Trackman Custom Fitting £30 (fully refundable on purchase) Putter Fitting £25 (fully refundable on purchase).

Loft and Lie Main Clamping Fixture 2. The Golfsmith Professional Loft/Lie Bending Machine. This page displays angle machines for sale.

Features: •Consistent, accurate readings (+-1º) •Works on Forged or Investment cast irons •Accepts full oversize irons and wedges •Works on right or left handed clubs •Locking mechanism guarantees against slippage during bending •Adjusts a full set of irons in minutes. Golfsmith Professional Loft/Lie Machine The Golfsmith Professional Loft/Lie Machine features a finely machined, dial-down clamp with soft metal jaws that keep nicks and mars to a minimum; rollers on the sole mount that readily accommodate cambered sole iron heads; and clear, easy-to-read side-by-side loft and lie indicators that give accurate readings every time. Time left 6d 3h left.

There is also loft and lie machines available that can measure the lie of the club, although they may reference the scoring lines rather than the sole. Manufactured by Tecnorama Ltd of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the Green Machine is considered the industry standard for clubhead specifications measurement. An all-in-one machine perfect for adjusting the loft and lie on virtually all irons, putters, hybrids and woods. 1/2″ and 3/8″ Thomson Precision Hardened Rod provides rigid construction for precise readings. Scotland Loft & Lie Machine Golf Club Gauge Bending Bar Up for auction today is a Scotland Loft & Lie Machine with a 23" Bending Bar. M-310 Manual Loft-Lie Gauge Click on photo for larger view! Rapid Prototype 3D Printing.

About 12 of us went in on the machine and I&39;d like us to form a Club Builders Club and start collecting some equipment. Check to be sure you have the following parts: 1. Hex - Head Wrench 5. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Golfsmith Loft/Lie Bending Machine at Amazon. X-Y Slide constructed of 1/2″ and 3/8″ Aircraft Linear Bearings. Scotland Loft and Lie Machine. Loft and Lie Angle Protractor Assembly 3.

Excellent ruler for measuring shafts and completed clubs. The loft being the angle of pitch on the face of the club and offset being the amount the face of the putter is set back from the shaft of the club. L-100 Lie Adjuster Kit 5. By goughy in forum 19th Hole. Slide the reading scale to the club shaft. Mounted to the Maltby Premium Heavy Duty floor stand, the user has full 360° access to the work at hand. Find the product you&39;re looking for under our categories: fitting, loft & lie, re-gripping, re-shafting, repair tools, parts, gear, and certified pre-owned. Putter Leveling Block and Board Never Used.

Loft and Lie Machines – Custom Fitting Process. Scotland Loft and Lie | Ruler. clubhead loft, lie, face angle and face progression since the early 1980s. Comes with stand and bending bar.

I used to play blades for which the Scotland is fine. Angle Of Attack Ebay Listing Bending Gauges Golf Clubs Scotland Product Launch Loft Tools. For a hobbiest though, I would suggest just check Ebay daily or set up an auto-search through them for loft/lie machines and wait to pick one up off of there. Extra Top Clamp 6.

While the GolfMechanix Ultimate Loft/Lie Machine can be bolted to a workbench. The new Maltby Premium Golf Club Bending Machine sets a new standard for craftsmanship, ruggedness and performance. Manufactured from high grade steel and aluminum, this machine is extremely sturdy. manual bending machine to make custom loft and lie angle alterations to right hand or left hand investment cast steel, and forged steel iron and hybrid club-heads.

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